Reference Corrections

INSPIRE has a form for correcting missing references. This form is intended to make the communication of missed references easier. If there is a problem with the form, you can still follow the older SPIRES-style instructions. However that method is slower, and will be gradually phased out as this form-based method is adopted.

Please email with any issues, suggestions, or problems with this form.

When to use this form

As with SPIRES, please recall that if you are trying to correct a missing citation to paper A from the reference list of paper B, you must find paper B in INSPIRE, and correct the reference list to add the citation to paper A there. We cannot fix errors such as "My paper A has been cited 12 times and you only list 11," you must tell us which paper is citing yours, and correct the references accordingly.

Please note that all corrections are made in both SPIRES and INSPIRE. There is no need to send corrections twice.

How to use this form

To correct the references of a paper using this form:

  1. Search for the paper whose reference list needs updating (paper B above)
  2. Click on "references"
  3. Click on "Update these references."

If you cannot find this paper in INSPIRE, you'll need to request that we add it. We will add papers if they are related to HEP, and the best way is described here Additions

Above the input boxes for references, are boxes for email, name, and any comments. A valid email is required for the form to properly be submitted.

On the form, you will see boxes with the current references as we have them in INSPIRE:

+ Nonlinear theory for relativistic plasma wakefields in the blowout regime - Lu, W. et al. Phys.Rev.Lett. 96 (2006) 165002

Note that in some cases a paper may cite a paper that we don't have, or don't recognize, in INSPIRE:

+ Lect.Notes Comput.Sci.,2331,342

If you don't see title and author information next to a reference, and you are sure that we have the paper, then the reference probably has an error, and you should attempt to correct it so that the citation is correctly counted.

Correcting and adding references

If a reference needs correcting, simply change the field.

If references need to be added or inserted, click on + to the left of the box, a new box will appear below that line. If you have mistakenly opened too many boxes, do not be concerned, we'll ignore the empty ones.

When adding a reference you'll see a "Search for citation" link next to your new box. You may type any INSPIRE search in the box, and click "search." A new window will open and you will be able to choose a paper from the search results to insert into this reference list. If the paper you wanted wasn't found in your search, you can revise your search until you find the paper, then click "Select this reference" and it will be added to the list.

Deleting a citation

To delete a cite you simply blank out the cite on the page.

What to expect

After you've added missed references, or corrected errors, you'll click "send," and the form will go to our staff for review before changing the database. You'll immediately get a familiar response from our email system notifying you that we recieved your request. If you don't get such a response, your form did not get submitted, and you should try again. When we get the form, we'll check for errors and enter the new information, and you should see an update, and get a notification that your request was handled, within a few days depending on our workload.

Note that during the submit process, the data in the form will change slightly to help our input process.

Last modified: 2012-02-15