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\begin {document}
October 2012\\}
\title{A Really Great Paper with Excellent Bibliography}
\author{Jane Q. Physicist \\
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center \\
Stanford University, Stanford, California 94309 \\


This paper is pretty eclectic, since it cites a buch of diverse
  things.  Of course, since it has no content, that is perhaps not so

Primarily I want to refer the reader to Brodsky and Wu's recent work on the renormalization 
group\cite{Brodsky:2012ms}, which is relatively unrelated to the recent
work by Beacom, Bell, and Dodelson \cite{Beacom:2004yd}.  I should also point out that
the paper by Kreitz and Brooks \cite{physics/0309027} is being cited here in a
purely self-serving manner.  

There are many papers by Dixon and others that I'd like to point out here
In particular I wish to point out that the work done in
\cite{JHEP.0412.015} is irrelevant to this paper.  

There are some items in the paper \cite{Akimov:2012vv} which I would like
to draw your attention to, but it is likely that as above, I may be citing
this for the wrong reasons.

I had better cite the most recent Review of Particle Properties
\cite{Nakamura:2010zzi}, since that
gets quite a lot of cites, while citing a few papers about stringy topics
\cite{hep-th/9711200} is also worthwhile.  No paper is complete without a cite to
some extra-dimensional papers like \cite{hep-ph/9803315,hep-ph/9905221}.
Finally, let me make a mistake citing this paper \cite{hep-scifi/0101001}.




This will return:

  S.~J.~Brodsky and X.~-G.~Wu,
  %``Self-Consistency Requirements of the Renormalization Group for Setting the Renormalization Scale,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ D {\bf 86}, 054018 (2012)
  [arXiv:1208.0700 [hep-ph]].
  %%CITATION = ARXIV:1208.0700;%%

  J.~F.~Beacom, N.~F.~Bell and S.~Dodelson,
  %``Neutrinoless universe,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\  {\bf 93}, 121302 (2004)
  %%CITATION = ASTRO-PH/0404585;%%

  P.~A.~Kreitz and T.~C.~Brooks,
  %``Subject access through community partnerships: A Case study,''
  Sci.\ Tech.\ Libraries {\bf 24}, 153 (2003)
  [physics/0309027 [physics.hist-ph]].
  %%CITATION = PHYSICS/0309027;%%

  Z.~Bern, L.~J.~Dixon and D.~A.~Kosower,
  %``On-shell recurrence relations for one-loop QCD amplitudes,''
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  %%CITATION = HEP-TH/0501240;%%

  Z.~Bern, L.~J.~Dixon and D.~A.~Kosower,
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  %%CITATION = HEP-TH/0412210;%%

  L.~J.~Dixon, E.~W.~N.~Glover and V.~V.~Khoze,
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  %%CITATION = HEP-TH/0411092;%%

  D.~Akimov {\it et al.}  [DarkSide Collaboration],
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  arXiv:1204.6218 [astro-ph.IM].
  %%CITATION = ARXIV:1204.6218;%%

*** Not Found: hep-scifi/0101001 find eprint hep-scifi/0101001

  K.~Nakamura {\it et al.}  [Particle Data Group Collaboration],
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  L.~Randall and R.~Sundrum,
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