Search Terms

The following table presents a list of all search terms in INSPIRE with minimalist examples. For starred terms, more detailed information on using the search terms can be found on the search tips page.

Inspire Search Index Terms
Term/AbbrevInterpretationExample (SPIRES)Example (Invenio) [requires quotes for compound search terms]
* a, au, author author name find a j smith a:"j smith"
abstract abstract string None abstract:'pion', [note use of single quotes due to string searching within abstract]
abstract:'pion pairs'
* ac author-count (number of authors in the paper) find ac 100+ authorcount:100+
* af, aff, affiliation affiliation find af harvard u. af:"harvard u."
* c citations to a paper find c hep-th/9711200 reference:hep-th/9711200
* caption figure captions find caption soft SUSY breaking,
find caption "effective spacetime dimension"
caption:soft caption:SUSY caption:breaking,
caption:"effective spacetime dimension"
* cc country searching find cc japan, find cc jp
(also works in HEPNames on all former and current affiliations) find cc china
cc:japan, cc:jp, country:china [not yet implemented]
* citedby papers cited by a set of papers find citedby author witten citedby:author:witten
* citedbyx, citedbyexcludingselfcites papers cited by a set of papers excluding self-citations find citedbyx a K.S.Cranmer.1 [not yet implemented] citedbyx:a:K.S.Cranmer.1
cn, collaboration collaboration name find cn cms cn:cms
cnum conference-number find cnum C12-08-13 cnum:C12-08-13 [not yet implemented]
* cx, citedx, citedexcludingselfcites papers with a certain number of citations excluding self-citations find cx 50+ [not yet implemented] cx:50+
cocitedwith papers cited along with a given paper (denoted by recid) [not yet implemented] cocitedwith:227338
* d, date date associated with a paper (when it was written, when it was published in a journal, etc.) find date 2013 date:2013
da, dadd date added to INSPIRE find dadd 2013-01, find dadd today dadd:2013-01 ["today" does not work for Invenio-style ]
* de date paper first appeared find de 2013 earliestdate:2013
doi doi find doi 10.1086/304059 doi:10.1086/304059
du,dupd date updated in INSPIRE find du 2013-01, find du today du:2013-01 ["today" does not work for Invenio-style ]
ea, exact-author exact name of the author find ea ellis, john ea:"ellis, john"
eprint arXiv eprint number find eprint 1302.0137 eprint:1302.0137
exp, experiment, se experiment number find exp fnal-e-0823 exp:fnal-e-0823
fa, first-author name of first author find fa thomas,a w firstauthor:"thomas, a w"
* fc, field-code field code, based on arXiv eprint categories find fc e fc:e [not yet implemented]
* ft, fulltext full-text search find ft black hole decay,
find ft "black hole decay"
fulltext:black fulltext:hole fulltext:decay,
fulltext:"black hole decay"
irn SPIRES record ID number find irn 3239659 irn:3239659 [not yet implemented]
* j, journal journal publication find j phys.rev.,d34,1 j:phys.rev.,d34,1
jy, journal-year year of publication in a journal find jy 2002 jy:2002 [not yet implemented]
k, kw keyword find k unparticle k:unparticle
* pacs pacs codes (see particles and fields, nuclear physics and astronomy and astrophysics) 084:11.10.Cd
* primarch primary eprint archive category find primarch hep-ex primarch:hep-ex [not yet implemented]
r, report, report-num report number find r fermilab-tm-2551-di r:fermilab-tm-2551-di
* rawref natural form of publication note find rawref "Nucl.Phys. A752 (2005) 376" rawref:"Nucl.Phys. A752 (2005) 376"
rc, referencecount number of references a paper has find rc 100+ rc:100+
recid the INSPIRE record ID number find recid 75932 recid:75932
* refersto papers citing a set of papers find refersto cn cms refersto:cn:cms
* referstox, referstoexcludingselfcites papers citing a certain author excluding self-citations find referstox a K.S.Cranmer.1 [not yet implemented] referstox:a:K.S.Cranmer.1
t, ti, title title word find t quark t:quark
texkey record key for LaTeX and BibTeX display find texkey Allison:1980vw texkey:Allison:1980vw
* tc, type-code type of work find tc thesis collection:thesis
* topcit, topcite number of citations find topcit 100+ 100->999999999 (999999999 is an arbitrary big number)
* vol journal volume number find vol B100 vol:D10
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