Adding material to INSPIRE


Do you have something that isn't in INSPIRE? We are interested in maintaining as comprehensive a database as possible in accordance with our content policy. For that reason, we are interested in the following cases:

  1. A preprint we have in the HEP database has been published in a journal. If so please email us at Tell us the DOI, journal name, volume, year and page range.
  2. A paper has been published in a journal (or appears as a conference proceeding or theses or similar non-arXiv paper) and we have no record at all of it. In this case, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with information about the paper by using the following form
  3. If you would like an unpublished preprint entered into our database please send it to the E-print Archive (click for detailed instructions). It will then be part of our regular daily download if sent to one of the following archives:

    astro-ph.(CO and HE), gr-qc, hep-ex, hep-lat, hep-ph, hep-th, nucl-ex, nucl-th, physics (accelerator, ins-det.

    Anything cross-listed to these archives will also be automatically entered into INSPIRE.

    We also strongly suggest you archive your PhD thesis at

    If you still have the TeX file, you may also wish to do this to a published paper we are missing.

  4. A paper we have is missing the references. Adding references is perhaps the most time consuming part of our process, and for this reason we are not able to add the references to everything (especially journal articles that never appeared as E-prints). However, if you construct the reference list yourself, we will happily add it in (you'll be helping us a lot). To do this, just follow the instructions for adding references in missing papers (see here).
Last modified: 2014-12-23