INSPIRE: An easy way to create authors.xml files (beta version)

Here we provide a simple way to create an authors.xml that can be used for any paper to ensure that all authors are properly identified with their INSPIRE and/or ORCID and their correct affiliation automatically. This should be useful for theory papers with a small number of authors.

Just include the authors.xml file with your submission (TeX-source submissions only, this will not work for PDF-only submissions).

Online form

Generate your list of authors from ID numbers. You can use ORCIDS, INSPIRE IDs, INSPIRE author profile IDs or email addresses. Be sure to list them in the same order that the authors appear on the paper. The form currently includes example IDs, just delete them and replace them with your own.
Enter your collaboration's experiment number in INSPIRE form, e.g. STRAW (Note: this will only work for collaborations under 50 people).

Thank you for using authors.xml!

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Last updated: 2020-10-14