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To start using the Author list manager, contact us at so we can set you up with an account. We’ll also need a list of your collaborators with their email addresses, current collaborations, and, if they have one, ORCIDs. Our curators will use this list to clean up the collaborators HEPNames records and tag them with your experiment’s identifier. We’ll then generate an initial author XML file you can use with the Author list manager and with arXiv submissions.

Once you have an account, sign in to INSPIRE: Near the bottom of the page you’ll find a link for Run Author List Manager. This link will take you to a page of your saved author lists. If you've already saved an author list in the manager, you can click the link of the list's name to open that list, the 'Clone' link to open a copy of that list, or the 'New' button to create a new author list.

image of new button

This will bring you to the Author List Manager page.

image of empty author list manager

At the bottom of the page there are several buttons that you can use to import and export data. To start click ImportXML and upload the author XML file we provided.

image of import/export buttons

The page is divided into three sections: Paper, Authors and Affiliations.

image of author list manager with imported author list


Every paper/version of your author list will need a title. You’ll also need to add the INSPIRE version of the collaboration name and experiment number if applicable. You can find this information in the Experiments database. Reference Ids/report numbers can also be added here.


The authors sections contains fields for family name(s), given name(s), the name displayed on the paper, if the author is deceased, affliations, and identifiers.

The status of each author is blank by default, but you can choose to mark an author as deceased by clicking the drop down menu in the appropriate row in this column.

image of status menu

To add multiple affiliations, click the author’s current affiliation and hit Enter. You can also use the drop down menu to indicate how the author is associated with a particular institution.

image of association menu

Using author identifiers, either INSPIRE-ID or ORCID, helps us correctly identifier authors and sort papers into the correct author profiles. You can choose the type of identifier using the drop down menu.

image of identifier menu

To add a new author, click the last author listed on the page and hit Enter. This will create a blank row where you can add the author’s information.

image of new author line

To move authors into the order they’ll be displayed in the exported formats, use the arrows between the order number and the author’s family name.

image of author toggle buttons

Use the search bar to find a specific author in your list.

image of search bar


All institutions associated with an author must be listed in the Affiliations section at the bottom of the page. The institution names listed in the authors section are the standardized INSPIRE acronyms (found in the Institutions collection) and should match the name listed under Acronym in the Affiliations section.

image of matched affiliations

Each affiliation also requires a full name and address, which will be used in the TeX output.

If you add an affiliation to an author without including it under Affiliations and try to save the page, you’ll get an error message.

image of orphan affiliation image of missing affiliation error message

Output formats

Be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

You can output your author list in Elsevier or APS TeX formats, or as an XML file. When you submit your paper to arXiv, be sure to include this XML file so the author list will be imported when the paper is ingested to INSPIRE.

image of output format buttons
Last modified: 2017-08-28